Monday, April 19, 2010

Grgich wine

Grgich winery is in Rutherford Ca. which is by far one of the most beautiful parts outside of Napa California. Mike Grgich is the owner and still the main operator of his winery at 86 yrs old. who started out by making his wine for Robert Mondovi. Grgich's winery is 100% Biodynamic, they were certified in 1997, which basically means 1) It considers the Earth a living organism. 2) It uses biodynamic preparations as formative forces rather then quantitative substances. 3) It uses the astronomic calendar, detailing the alignment of the planets, to work in rhythm with Nature and larger cosmic forces. 4) It recognizes man’s integral role as part of the larger farm “organism”. They also are organic as well so not only do they use no pestisides or hemicides to keep the bugs away they treat the soil as if it were a small child.

This is why as a wine lover I have respect for them, and i can understand why there wines may be a little morethan the rest, they are actually doing something, to help the grapes, and even us since we are drinking the wine. As it stands to this day my favorite wine of there's is there Fumé Blanc, which is the same thing as Sauvignon blanc, No there is no Fume blanc grape, don't let people fool you. Everyone can thank Robert Mondovi for that. He couldn't sell his Sauvignon blanc wine so he changed the name and "poof" they sell like hotcakes to this day.

As it stands a bottle of Grgich Fumé Blanc,will run you about $25, there Fumé Blanc has a very intersting flavor of citrus, grapefruit, crisp clean taste. which is great for this time of year, and goes really well with chicken, fish, and light pasta meals.

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