Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flor de Caña Rum

Ah the good old Rum, as Johnny Depp once put it in Pirates of the Caribbean: "Why is the rum always gone?" This isn't a rum from the Caribbean, however this rum is worth mentioning. Flor de Caña started in 1890 in Chichiglapa, Nicaragua. Flor de Caña uses the finest natural ingredients and a unique slow aged method. It has also been distilled five times.

While most rum's aren't known for being 'slow aged,' this brand uses that unique method which can be found by the age listed on that bottle. This rum comes off zesty, sweet and spicy to the nose. It also has a soft, warm and buttery finish. You can make many drinks with this rum like a Sambatini, a water ship down, or my favorite drink ever... a Grand Mojitio. It typically runs about $15, which in my opinion isn't bad for what you get.


  1. Haven't had it. I think the quote was "...but why's the rum gone?"

  2. Well yes Void, that was his quote from the first movie when Elizabeth used the barrels to light the hundred foot bonfire that resulted in her rescue. Didn't you just love the way Jack drew his pistole and debated which of them to shoot?

    But I believe Silver is also correct. There was more than one movie, you remember; and in Dead Man's Chest, Jack goes to the bottom of the Black Pearl in search of Rum. Finding only empty barrels, he asks the deep darkness "why is the rum always gone?"

    Both good lines. Fitting for the post. My favorite in regards to the rum however, is from At Worlds End, when Jack sees Elizabeth for the first time and turns to his first mate Dibbs and beggs "hide the Rum."

    You know Miss Silver Spy, that bottle looks pretty good all by itself - perhaps with a little Diet Pepsi mix - and its affordable enough. I think its a Pirates Of The Carribean night - all three. And a good bottle of rum to put me in character.

    Thanks for the suggestion.